I have been exploring my life more deeply through writing. This is somewhat of an experiment for me. It may be therapeutic or a sorry pit of snakes! My hope is that I can write more vividly and thoughtfully, coax out humor in the ridiculous, and capture emotion and beauty honestly on the page. 

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Don't Turn Your Back on the Dogs!

December 30, 2020

        Entering the gate, we unleash both pups. Zeus bounds to his dog friends while Nani surveys the scents to inform her of all that’s happened in her absence. The terrain is what I would call a rolling hill, so we walk down and up to the other side. It’s perfect for a chase or pack run for a clump of dogs, and there are about four or five of them having the time of their lives running amok in circles as we greet our friends. 

        I sidestep one pass of the throng as they wiz by and tumble before splashing into the kiddy pool with swirling red dirt. They dash out again in full sprint.    (click to read full essay)