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Art Photography

Being present and able to bear witness to something beautiful, special or interesting is a great privilege. My goal is truth and to honor a moment–to capture and render the light and emotion, tension or beauty, so that it can be experienced again and again through new or fresh eyes. There is an exhilaration in seeing and actually being able to capture something special, whether mundane or magnificent and do it justice.  The real prize is in sharing–when you are able to also stir something in another and have them join you in the wonder and awe.

Headshot Photography 

A genuine expression, a real smile, ease and confidence. Many people are shy about cameras and not quite sure how to smile or move in front of them. I will guide and coach you throughout the session to help you to feel at ease and natural in front of the lights and camera. The focus here is on you and together, we will create a headshot that captures the light behind your eyes exuding confidence and approachability.  Please visit my Headshot Gallery for recent examples.



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